Why is this answer wrong (although it seems correct)?

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The internet was struck by a difficult mathematical assignment. Many parents and other users who saw the problem were left puzzled about the correct answer.
Why isn’t 5×3 same as 5+5+5?

The problem was shared on Reddit. A lot of parents were outraged about the decision of a teacher to assess the solution erroneous. As we can see in the photo, the student answered that 5+5+5=15, but the teacher determined it the incorrect solution, stating that the correct answer is 3+3+3+3+3= 15.

The teacher added that the student answered mistakenly even on the second question. In that problem, students had to represent 4X6 with dashes. The scholar drew six rows of four dashes. The instructor wrote that the accurate answer is four rows of six dashes.

These problems were part of a program called Common Core Standard which underlines everything students need to know in Mathematics and English courses at the conclusion of every semester.