Why being a teacher is the best job in the world

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Teaching is not the most popular choice of profession and often not the most respected one either. However, there are teachers who are regarded as heroes and teachers who have changed students’ lives positively. Teaching is demanding, the pressure is enormous, but teaching is the best profession in the world. Here’s why.

1. Hanging out with the kids all day keeps you young and ensures that your vocabulary, style and taste in music will remain modern.

2. You make a huge difference in the lives of young people – even when you are not aware. Do you know how many children have accepted your wise words?

3. Workdays are never the same.

4. You’re constantly learning new skills. Maybe you are a teacher in Mathematics or English, but you also have specialized clubs for your students.

5. You build positive relationships with students, colleagues, parents and the wider community.

6. You become someone’s idol. People trust your advice and guidance and that is a great feeling.

7. Children teach you as much as you teach them. Each teacher had a moment when an innocent comment from a student changed their perspective of thinking. Also, now you know all members of “One Direction”.

8. You’re constantly laughing. Learning can be fun for the students and for the teacher.

9. The moment when the student finally understands. You consistently repeat the lesson, and finally the students comprehend and you know you have succeeded.

10. Gratitude means a lot. By the end of the year you might receive some nice gifts, but the compliments are invaluable
11. The parents are grateful. For every parent who constantly complains, there are ten others who will praise you for your efforts.

12. You meet colleagues that will become your friends for life with the same passion for teaching as yours.

13. The feeling of satisfaction and pride when your students succeed – this is a sensational feeling. Knowing that you played a small role in one’s achievement is priceless.

14. The challenge and success when you encourage a student to do something they’ve never done.

15. Chaos in the classroom. Noise, confusion, laughter, excitement and disorder. What is there not to like?

16. Seeing blooming friendships among children always warms the heart.

17. The excitement of children who are delighted with the particular topic. If you can grab their attention, you’re always a source of interest. In fact, you are the life and soul of the fun in the classroom.

18. People who closely follow your every word makes you especially proud. This t is not always the case, but when you get an audience, you know that will be a lesson which they will gladly remember.

19. When children laugh at your jokes – especially older children. Foring a teenager to smile is not easy.

20. When your strict methods pay off. No teacher likes when they’re strict, but they have to sometimes.

21. The lecture becomes your life – this is not just a job with good holidays. This is a job you definitely would not change for anything in the world.