What’s the meaning of the repeating numbers on a clock?

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Some people like to say that someone is thinking of you when you see the clock’s hands overlapping? There are many beliefs and superstitions about this. People have even developed a system of predicting your destiny according to the place of the overlapping. There is also a belief that seeing repeating numbers on a digital clock is significant.

00:00 – The person you love loves you back.

01:01 – The person closest to you will get sick.

02:02 – The person you love will never forget you. You will meet someone who will become dear to you.

03:03 – He/she is thinking of you and he/she loves you.

04:04 – He/she fell in love with you and he/she will never forget you.

05:05 – He/she is not serious, but he/she will fall in love with you.

06:06 – He/she likes your smile.

07:07 – He/she wants to tell you something, but he/she can’t because they are hiding something.

08:08 – He/she is jealous.

09:09 – You will receive a phone call.

10:10 – He/she likes the way you look and he/she wishes to see you.

11:11 – Today is your lucky day, someone with blond hair wants to see you.

12:12 – You will see an old love.

13:13 – He/she is suffering. Someone with dark hair likes you.

14:14 – Great happiness awaits you.

15:15 – He/she wants a fresh start.

16:16 – Something awful will happen in your relationship.

17:17 – Complicated problems await you.

18:18 – He/she likes your eyes. You will be together for a long time.

19:19 – He/she is hiding something. Someone loves you, but you can’t see that.

20:20 – He/she will always wait for you.

21:21 – The person who occupies your mind likes you.

22:22 – Tomorrow is your lucky day.

23:23 – You will receive an invitation for a date.