What type of personality are you?

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In this test you need to choose two figures – one that resembles you and one that you fancy to reflect you.

This test was created by the famous British psychologist Pip Wilson. He created it for students, but later discovered that it is valuable for adults, as well.

First, select the little man that resembles you the most and then find the one that you wish to be like.



The numbers 1, 3, 6, and 7 show excellent men who are not afraid of difficulties or obstacles in life.

The numbers 2, 11, 12, 18, and 19 indicate a sympathetic person who is always there for his/her friends.

The number 4 describes a persistent man who wants to succeed despite of difficulties.

The number 5 indicates someone who is often exhausted and feeble, with little energy to live.

The little man with number 9 is a cheerful, humorous and thoughtful person.

The numbers 13 and 21 show that you have the tendency to keep everything to yourself, you’re often afraid and you avoid other people.

The number 8 describes a person who lives in his own world, away from everyone.

The numbers 10 and 15 describe a well-adjusted person who is satisfied with his/her life.

The number 14 is a person who is emotionally fatigued. There is a probability for internal emotional crisis or distress.

The number 20 describes a person with a great sense of self-importance. He/she was born to be a leader.

The little man with the number 16 is a man weary of supporting other people.

The number 17 is a man who thinks that everyone should do everything to provide for him.