Top master degrees that will bring you high earnings

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Graduate degrees are highly valued, but they are becoming additionally imperative for success. Investopedia published a list of master degree studies that bring highest salaries and superior career prospects.

Master of Business Administration

These studies provide flexibility, writes Investopedia. That means that graduates with this degree gain skills that help them succeed in several fields, including business, finances and accounting. MBA studies can even be completed on the internet today.


It is important to note that medical students have to study for a very long time. However, the effort pays back at the end with a high salary, as well as the personal satisfaction that comes from saving lives.


There are many areas of specialization in this field and most of them are profitable. published a list of top 10 best paid degrees, which include electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and construction.

Computer sciences

Technology is an industry that is constantly developing. It is predicted that the industry will grow in the near future. The opportunities for employment in computer science are varied.


Research shows that this degree is in high demand because of the lack of anesthetists to help doctors, dentists and obstetricians.

Economy puts Master of Economy at the fourth place on the list of best paid degrees. Also, studies show that economy is profitable. Many companies need economists to organize and analyze their data.


Physics is a growing field that offers many job opportunities. Unlike other sciences, physics is a science that uses technical tools as well as mathematical calculations.