There are more and more “healthy” products on the market that are phony

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Everything that is labeled healthy might not be healthy, no matter if it’s a food, water or hygiene product. In fact, there are more and more products which are labeled as healthy, but actually don’t differ from the “unhealthy” ones, reports.

Bottled water

The body must stay hydrated, but there is no evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap water.

Protein snacks

All of the protein snacks that are served on the market are not as nutritious and as healthy as you suppose. They usually contain as much sugar as a normal chocolate. Try finding snacks that contain only seeds and fruits.

Products with less fat

The thing with these products is that you usually feel hungry soon after eating them. Also, these products contain more sugar to taste better.

Products with whole grains

Several products that have whole grains are not as healthy as you think. Check the type of the flour used.

Dietary meals

Various dietary meals that are microwave ready sometimes contain a lot of salt, which is bad to our health.


Sushi is supposed to be healthy, right? Actually, sushi contains a lot of white rice, which is not very healthy. Eat sushi with brown rice and more vegetables.

Rice snacks

Rice snacks contain a lot of salt and carbohydrates and they are low in fiber. Also, they don’t satisfy the appetite.

Iced tea

If you want antioxidants in tea, just prepare it yourself. Don’t drink bottled teas full of sweeteners.

Vegetarian burgers

Most often, they have little vegetables and are made of wheat and soybeans.

Antibacterial soap

There is no evidence that this soap is better than ordinary soap.

Products for disinfection

The chemicals present in these products may worsen asthma and are not recommended to use in the presence of children. People have less problems with allergies and other immune disorders in countries that avoid selling these products.