The little known side of Dubai

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Dubai has become a popular touristic attraction only in the last few decades. The city has been built using cheap workforce, but now it’s a synonym of opulence. But there is so much more in Dubai than the luxurious hotels and modern building. There is some things that tourists usually miss when travelling in Dubai.

Street food
90% of the inhabitants are immigrants, writes. Because of that, there are varieties of foods from many other countries, such as India, Pakistan, Iran and Nepal. In spite of the numerous restaurants, the really authentic food is usually found on the streets in the old section.



Going back in time
In terms of history, Dubai is not to compete with the other tourist attractions. But when it comes to skyscrapers, hotels and trade centers, Dubai is on the top of the list. United Arab Emirates exists for 45 years, but Dubai offers some historical sites, such as an 18th-century fortress and the Center for cultural understanding “Sheikh Mohammed”.


Trade centers attract many visitors, but Dubai is abundant with markets. You can find many spices, gold and textiles there.


What about the culture?
Those who think that there are no cultural events in Dubai haven’t looked in the right place. Dubai is a modern city, but it is also a place where literary festivals and art exhibitions are held.