Students in Finland  have no homework until they attend high school

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The education system in Finland is considered one of the best in the world. Only the most excellent students become teachers and every classroom has only enough space for 12 students, so that teachers can dedicate their attention to everyone.

After each class the students take a 15-minute break. They only start getting homework after finishing primary school.

Finnish students are among the best students in the world. This structure of education was recently adapted in Finland, when innovations to the school program were introduced for the children to learn the subjects better.

In that country, teachers are the most important part of the education system. Every teacher in Finland has a Master’s degree and after the undergraduate studies, only 10% get to continue their studies and become teachers.

Finland has recognized the importance of quality education at the beginning of the development of its democracy. Thus, the country started to invest heavily in the education of their children. The main objective of the teachers, as well as the school itself is for children to learn, not to get good grades.