Signs that you are smarter than the rest

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Business Insider recently published an article about intelligence and the characteristics of smart people. The article includes a list of features that are common among smart people according to science. These are 8 signs that you might be smarter than the rest.

  1. You’re the oldest child – Oldest children are smarter, but not because of genetics. A research from 2007 shows that psychology and family dynamics play the biggest roles.
  2. You attended music classes – A survey reveals that children aged 4-6 who participate in music classes have a higher verbal intelligence than their peers.
  3. You don’t smoke – A research from 2010 that included more than 20,000 people shows that an average person who smokes has an IQ of 94, while a nonsmoker has an average IQ of 101.
  4. You’re thin – The body is closely related to the mind. A French research from 2006 shows that people who are thin have better memory than people with excessive weight.
  5. You’re left-handed – One recent research links left-handed people with creative thinking.
  6. You have used a recreational drug – Researchers say that there is a link between high intelligence and the use of illegal drugs. Namely, adults who use recreational drugs have had higher IQs in their childhood.
  7. You have a cat – A research from 2014 reveals that people who are extroverted more often have a dog, while people who have a cat are usually more intelligent.
  8. You’re tall – Princeton researchers have shown that taller children get better scores on cognitive tests.