How to recognize a fake Facebook profile?

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Every Facebook user receives a friend request from a complete stranger once in a while. Some have even received messages frompersons unknown.

Facebook recently announced that 1,65 billion users are using the social network. It’s estimated that 5.5%-11.2% of those accounts are fake. Many of the fake profiles are created for harmful reasons. We still can’t prevent fake profiles being created, but every user can protect themselves from potentially dangerous accounts. How can you identify a fake Facebook profile?

Check the profile picture
The first thing you can do is check the profile picture. Download the profile photo, open Google Images and upload it using the camera icon in the right corner. After the upload, you’ll be able to see the source of that photo, i.e. to check if it was used previously for another reason.

Number of pictures
Most of the fake accounts have only one picture. Research has shown that two thirds of the fake profiles don’t have many pictures.

Check the timeline
The typical fake profile user doesn’t share many posts. If the timeline has just the basic information and posts from the day the account was created, the profile is probably fake.

Most of the fake profiles are women
Research shows that most of the fake profiles on Facebook are women, often with a provocative profile picture and a fake name.

Check the friends in common
In case the new profile user and you don’t have anything in common, it’s probably is a fake one. Check for similarity in your friends, groups and likes.