Psychological tricks to make people like you

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Friendships advance naturally and we often don’t notice when they have started. However, sometimes, you must work hard to become friends with someone. Standard offers several psychological tricks that will help you attract more friends.

Be a copycat

You don’t have to copy everything they do, of course. However, subtly copying the movements of the other person will make the person like you more. This strategy is called “reflection”.

Spend more time together

People prefer things that are familiar to them. According to the so called exposure effect, simply spending more time around someone will make the person like you more.

Give them compliments

People love receiving compliments and everyone loves when someone has a nice thing to say about them. Researchers say that if you say nice words about others, people will think you will have the same qualities.

Good mood

People can also affect the mood of those around them. Research has shown that people can unconsciously feel the same way as people close to them.

Have mutual friends

Two people are more likely to stay friends if they have mutual friends. If you want to stay friends with someone, be nice to their friends, as well.

Be warm and show some skills

According to one theory, people evaluate others based on their warmth and capabilities. Thus, if you are warm in their presence, people will trust you. If you show your skills, they will respect you.

Show some of your weaknesses

Experts say that people will like you more after you make a mistake, but only if they think you are skillful. Everyone has flaws and people sympathize with those who are not afraid to show their weakness.

Casually touch them

Casually touch them without them noticing. It can be a simple patting on the shoulder or touching the hand. This will make them feel closer to you.


A research shows that people like individuals who smile often. Other research shows that if you smile when you’re meeting someone for the first time, chances of them remembering you are greater.

Tell them a secret

This is one of the best techniques for strengthening the friendship. If a friend is telling you a secret, it means they feel close to you and want to have you in their future.

Show your sense of humor

Researchers say that regardless of what people look in others, everyone agrees that the sense of humor is important.

Encourage them to speak about themselves

One research shows that the parts of the brain associated with motivation and reward are more active when people speak about themselves, even when nobody listens to them. Asking someone to share their story with you will leave them with positive memories of the conversation.