Psychological reasons why you’re attracted to someone

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Believe it or not, science can reveal why you’re attracted to someone and why someone is attracted to you. Psychology is everything.

They are tall

Tall people, especially men earn more, statistics show. The same thing happens in love – taller men have more partners in life.

Hot and cold

In an experiment, individuals were given cold or hot drink to hold while analyzing someone’s personality. It was discovered that the participants who held hot cups thought of the person as someone with a warm personality and liked them more.


Research conducted in Switzerland revealed that people’s opinion about the charisma of a person is influenced by the intensity of their smile. Happy people were considered more attractive.


It’s important to be close to someone emotionally, but also physically. An experiment has shown that distance affects feelings. The closer – the better.

You didn’t like them at first

People might like someone although they haven’t at first and this happens often, a study from 1972 demonstrated.

They play an instrument

It has been proven that playing a musical instrument makes a person more attractive for the opposite sex.

Body language

If your hands are in your pocket and your shoulders are slouched  during the conversation, you’re sending a message of indifference. Stand upright.

They have a beard

An experiment in Australia shows that women consider men with short beards more attractive.

The voice

Women’s voice becomes deeper when they talk to someone who attracts them. It’s the opposite with men.

You look alike

Opposites don’t attract. Research shows that partners who have many  similarities have better relationships.

They have a dog

Women like men with dogs. This has been proven in a research conducted by the University of Michigan.