Is Messenger going to replace Facebook?

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Last week, Facebook announced that Android users can use Messenger for SMS. Now, we discover that the company has prepared more changes regarding the application. Namely, Messenger has a new look. 

The new look will offer more than just a simple list of recent calls. This feature will remain, but users will also get new helpful sections. The Messenger app will include favorite contacts, birthdays and online friends.

Online users will be marked with a green dot. When it comes to the Favorite contacts feature, these contacts will be friends who you interact with most via Facebook.

You can find the new features by going Home > Calls > Groups > People > Me.
The company said that the changes have the purpose to make users’ experience better.

Will Messenger become the new Facebook?

The new design of Messenger has made people think about the future of the application and the social network. Facebook introduced Messenger in 2011 and since then, the company has been forcing its mobile users to use it for chatting instead of the Facebook app.
The messaging app is the latest hope of the industry, according to Fortune.
Messenger has more than 900 million monthly active users and the number will probably only grow with all the features Facebook is adding.