How to check your Facebook without opening it?

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The situation is the following: You want to have a glimpse of what occurred with the lives of several of your friends, but don’t want to log into Facebook because of all the game requests and notifications from people you haven’t seen for years. Don’t fret, there are ways you can check your account without opening the website.

However, you have to “dig” through Facebook to reach the goal. First, you need to choose the friends you want to follow. The easiest way to do this is to include your preferred friends in a list of Close Friends, which is created automatically. It is accessible to only you. From now on, you will receive notifications for every post of these friends.


The next step is choosing the way you want to receive the news. Open Settings and go to Notifications. Go to Edit, and then Close Friends activity to find the option about receiving updates by email. Activate this option to receive all the latest news from your friends directly toyour email.


You can also receive the news on your phone via SMS. Click Edit next to Text Message to activate this feature. If you still haven’t added your phone number, select Desktop and Mobile in Settings and follow the instructions.


If none of these options are good enough, there is always the RSS option. Go to Notifications and click See All. You will see RSS on top. You can manage RSS settings and choose which notifications you want to receive.