How I became successful at 24

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You must pay the price if you want to be the boss. That price is discipline. No leader can succeed without discipline. Discipline prepares you for long-term profit. Daniel Ally reveals which daily routines have made him disciplined and successful.

1. Studying
“First and foremost, you should never go a day without learning,” Daniel says. Learning can happen even with watching videos, reading books or talking to someone.

2. Goal setting
You can’t be successful without objectives. Daniel writes everything he wants to accomplish and this helps him reach these goals.
“Let’s say you have a goal to live a lavish lifestyle within the next 10 years. If you want to achieve this goal, you list some ideas that correspond with it. For instance, you list the following ideas for the year: a private jet, 10-bedroom mansion, personal chef, a Rolls-Royce. When you come up with these ideas, you’ll get really excited about where your life is heading.”

3. Planning
After setting your inentions, you need to have a plan for reaching them. Daniel thinks breaking the goals into time periods helps.
“One of my clients had big goals to be a professional speaker. However, he didn’t know how to plan. I told him that he’ll have to set the stage high (no pun intended) and make plans to achieve his goals. I told him that if he gave 120 speeches in a year, he would reach his goals. I helped him break it down to 10 a month, which is one speech for every third day. After we planned, he admitted that his goals felt more attainable!”

4. Networking
The world is more connected than ever and a successful leader adapts to that. Daniel’s advice is to network aggressively, not passively.
“Don’t wait for emails or phone calls to come to you. Instead, make an effort to reach out to others. Realize that networking is a daily habit,” he revealed.

5. Write a diary
Journaling is a great way to reflect on every day. Other than that, writing a diary can help you keep track of stories, lessons, successes, failures and more.
“Every day, I write a minimum of four pages in my diary. To date, I have cherished two dozen journals. It gives me time to reflect on my greatest accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities. Sometimes, I’ll write for over an hour,” Daniel shared.

6. Exercising
Success demands strength and energy and the best way to be strong and have energy is to exercise
regularly. Daniel states:
“Imagine the feeling of dripping in sweat after a great workout. It’s a good feeling, right? If this is the case, why debate with yourself about whether you should workout or not?”

7. Relaxing
“Only powerful people know how to rest.” Losing concentration and control is not the way to success. Everyone needs time-off once in a while. Make sure you find time for yourself.

8. Affirming
Believe it or not, people talk to themselves a lot. Namely, the average person talks to himself at least 12,000 times a day. Daniel has learned that the difference between the successful and unsuccessful person is what they say to themselves.
“Truthfully, I’m a successful person who’s been relentlessly reciting his affirmations on a couple note cards every night for several years,” he admits.

9. Improving your skills
You have to work on your skills daily. Every talent has to be exercised. If you don’t use your talents you lose them, Daniel writes.

10. Masterminding
People you encounter play an important role in your life. The people closest to you affect you mentally, spiritually and emotionally, Daniel says. That’s why you have to be careful when selecting the people you work and spend time with.