How can you identify a psychopath?

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Do you think everyone should get a psychological test as a part of the job application process? Some psychologists believe this would be a good practice because power negatively affects people, especially psychopaths. The renowned psychologist Robert Hare considers few signs that indicate that a person is a psychopath.

They have sadistic nature
Psychopaths usually motivate others using fear rather than respect. Also, they destroy more often than repair. They have sadistic intentions and attitudes.

They’re not honest
They present themselves in the best way no matter what. They always have interesting stories that make them look good, although these stories might be fictional.

They have huge self-confidence
Psychopaths see themselves as they’re in the center of the universe. The normal rules of society don’t apply to them.

They live like parasites
Psychopaths only think of themselves. They live the way they want to without worrying about those around them.

They are manipulators
Psychopaths are excellent manipulators. They use manipulation to look good in front of others.

They don’t have regrets
Psychopaths don’t care about the consequences of their actions, no matter how they affect others. Often, they would blame someone else instead of admit they have made a mistake.

Their goals are not realistic
Psychopaths try to achieve their goals, but often fail at this because their goals are unrealistic.