How to get enough sleep in just 4 hours?

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Experts agree it takes at least seven hours of sleep to be healthy. However, it is possible to get enough sleep in just four hours. Often, great minds follow unusual patterns of sleeping in order to be more productive. Leonardo da Vinci was one of them. 

Technique of interrupted sleep
This technique consists of dividing the usual period of nighttime sleep into several parts or stages of sleep. Thus, each stage will have an implementation period.

Leonardo da Vinci slept for 15 minutes every four hours. Thus, he managed to rest while sleeping only for an hour and a half a day. According to historical records, he napped this way for several years and never felt tired.


Creativity period
Scientists believe that the most productive time for work and creativity is connected to the period of slumber. The capacity to work is particularly high in that time. With the technique of interrupted sleep, the intermission leads to an increased capacity for work.

Sleep schedule
Depending on the technique of sleep, a different schedule of napping follows:
– 30 minutes of sleep every 6 hours;
– 20 minutes of sleep every 4 hours;
– 1.5-3 hours of sleep during the night and 20 minutes of sleep three times during the day;
– 2 hours of sleep during the night and 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon;
– 5 hours of sleep during the night and 1.5 hours during the day.

It is important to choose the schedule according to daily obligations, as well as needs and possibilities. The technique of interrupted sleep shouldn’t always be used. It is not recommended for longer periods of time.