Female celebrities who have high IQs

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Doubt it or not, many actresses and female performers are members of Mensa. The following female celebrities are some of the smartest.


Legendary Sharon Stone is known for her roles and her looks, but she is a lot more than that. The famous actress was admitted to the University of Edinburgh when she was only 15 years old. Her IQ is 154. She is a member of Mensa.


Beautiful singer Shakira became famous for her voice and beauty, but many people don’t know her IQ is 140.


Cindy Crawford is considered to be one of the most attractive women in the world. But, her story doesn’t stop there. She is also known for her intellect.


Oscar winner Nicole Kidman dropped out of school at 16 to take up acting. Her IQ is 140.


Natalie Portman is known for many different roles. She has played many parts – from a scientist to a ballerina. Not only she is an extremely talented actress, but she also graduated from Harvard University. She is fluent in Hebrew and English, along withFrench, German, Japanese and Spanish.