Facebook Messenger tricks you probably don’t know

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Most of the Messenger users are not even aware about the possibilities that the application offers. Try some of the following.

Conference calls
Messenger improved the Video calls feature so that users could have conference calls. Just click on the earphone icon on top of the group and start talking.


Request money
Yes, Facebook allows this. When you chat with someone, you can press the Dollar icon located above the keyboard. Here you can inscribe the amount you want to receive.


Create nicknames
Facebook requires real names for all profiles. However, Messenger offers the option to change the name of your friends/contacts.


Order a taxi
You can call one of the two offered services by clicking the transport icon. After you see the car symbol, click on it and then open “More”.


Play chess or basketball
You can even play a game with your friends using the application. To play basketball, send the Basketball emoticon to any of your friends and click “Launch the game”. Similarly, write @fbchess play in the conversation to start playing chess.