A teacher advices students of a powerful lesson about privilege

, Education


Did you ever think that privilege can be illustrated by throwing garbage in the bin? Apparently, it can.

One teacher used the trash bin in the classroom to show the inequality in society today.

“You represent the population of a country. You have a chance to become affluent. All you have to do is throw the paper in the trash while sitting in your seat,” and he started the activity.

The class learned that throwing paper into the trash basket is much easier for those who sit in the front. Accordingly, getting wealthy is much easier for some people.

“This is what privilege looks like,” the teacher commented.

The biggest lesson was probably learned from the attitude of the students in the front row. They weren’t aware of the privilege. All they could see was a small distance between them and their goal.

“Your job as students who receive their education is to be aware of your privileges and to use this privilege called education to be the best you can and to achieve great things, but not to forget the rows behind you”, said the instructor.